Meet the newest
Bougie Beast


Meet the newest
Bougie Beast


Meet the newest
Bougie Beast



Bougie beasts are known for their exotic looks and have been seen in exotic lands. They have been spotted in Fiji, Bali and even Bora Bora. Although they love traveling, rumor has it, they live on a small island off the coast of Belize.....Bougie island!


Bougie Beasts need loving homes and children that can understand their special mystical origin and provide incredible homes for the Beasts! While they are very unique and demanding creatures, they also provide untold rewards for Children that provide a loving home!    Bougie Beasts are handcrafted in the U.S. and made with love by my kids for your kids!  

Warning:  Bougie Beasts are NOT intended for children under 6 years old.  They have handcrafted accessories that could create a choking hazard.


Bougie Beasts have been sited all over the world, but they recently have been sited near their fabled home island in Belize. When you have a siting of a beast, please post it on our Facebook site with a location so we can update the Bougie Beast siting map. 

See photos of Bougie Beast travels using our interactive Bougie Beasts Map! 


Bougie Beasts like to look their best.   Be sure to use your accessory comb that is included with your order to style your Beast's hair!    They are magical creatures of distinction and cannot be happy without looking Bougie!


Currently, our international researchers have identified nine unique beasts. After spending significant research in the study of the beasts, here are our expert descriptions of each of the known beasts. However, please be aware, that there are undoubtedly more unique beasts that our renowned scientists have yet to discover!


Lucky wants to be YOUR lucky charm!

Jackie Lantern

Jackie loves all of the sweet treats! Take her trick or treating with you!

Luv Cub

Luv Cub enjoys chocolate kisses and funny movies.

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum loves any type of bubble gum!

Fancy Nanny

Fancy enjoys mani pedis.

Bonni Korn

Bonni enjoys flying and long adventures.

Crystal Cub

Crystal enjoys reading beach side and
sleeping in a hammock.

Willow Wabbit

Willow enjoys running and eating veggies.

Kotton Kandy

Kotton enjoys carnivals and fun snacks.

Kandy Kane

Kandy loves sweets especially those that SANTA
brings her in her stocking. 

Bahum Bear

Bahum Bear doesn’t like anything except for throwing snowballs on Christmas morning.

Janda Panda

Janda enjoys parkour in the jungle.


Epic loves shopping and fancy candy treats.

Zo Doe

Zo enjoys music and art.

Blue Beary

Blue Beary loves the playground, especially the swings and slides!


Storm is so excited to meet you!

Goldie Lox

Goldie, enjoys outdoors and fishing.


Liberty enjoys lighting up the sky with fancy fireworks!


Lilac can't wait to find Easter eggs with YOU!!!

Kiss Kiss

Kiss loves chocolates and suckers!